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Great Smoky Mountains Fishing

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park contains over 2,000 miles of cool mountain streams where you will find rainbow trout, brown trout, small-mouthed bass and rock bass.

Fishing is permitted in the park year-round from 30 minutes before the official sunrise until 30 minutes after the official sunset. Fishing is allowed in most streams, but some streams are closed to fishing to protect threatened species. A complete list of regulations and a map of park waters open for fishing is available at any visitor center or ranger station.

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Fishing Regulations

A valid fishing license or permit from Tennessee or North Carolina is required and either state license is valid throughout the park. Licenses are not available inside the park, but may be purchased in nearby towns.

Tennessee License Requirements
Residents and nonresidents 13 and older must have a valid license. Residents 65 and older may obtain a special license from the state.

North Carolina License Requirements
Residents and nonresidents 16 and older must have a valid license. Residents 70 and older may obtain a special license from the state.

Possession Limits
5 total of any combination of rainbow trout, brown trout or smallmouth bass
20 rockbass
You must stop fishing immediately upon reaching the limit.

Size Limits
Rainbow and brown trout - 7in minimum
Smallmouth bass - 7in. minimum
Rockbass: No minimum
Fish under the legal length shall be immediately returned to the water from which it was taken.

Lures, Bait, and Equipment
Fishing is permitted only by the use of one hand-held rod.
Only artificial flies or lures with a single hook may be used.
Dropper flies may be used. Up to two flies may be used on a leader.
The use or possession of any form of fish bait or liquid scent other than artificial flies or lures is prohibited.
The use or possession of double, treble, or gang hooks is prohibited.

No guarantee is made by Pigeon Forge Live regarding the accuracy of the above regulations. Be sure to obtain a complete and current list of regulations before you begin fishing.




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